From Danielle to you,

Some of you may know me as the multidisciplinary artist, educator and activist, D. Colin. For those who are meeting me for the first time, my name is Danielle Colin Charlestin and I’ve decided to run for Troy City Council to represent District 1 and advocate for change and progress in Troy.

I will work towards continued efforts for police reform and transparency within our systems of government and justice, holding absentee landlords accountable for abandoned and dilapidated homes while also addressing affordable housing and finally, my longtime passion for youth and community safety, empowerment, education and programming.

I understand what it means to be part of a working class family because I was raised in one. My father worked for a shipping company among other jobs and my mother cleaned houses and still works for housekeeping in a nursing home. I watched them work tirelessly to keep me safe and to provide me with a good education and opportunities they only dreamed about as immigrants to this country. It is my intention to run for City Council Member of District 1 because I want safety, education and opportunity for everyone in my community.

It would be a great honor to work on your behalf to create change especially in areas where progress appears slow or stagnant. As a creative professional, I have purposefully engaged with my community to inspire, empower and educate through the arts in order to curate safe, creative spaces and bring people together to build and heal. It is with this same energy, I believe I can bring fresh eyes and tangible change to Troy City Council.

Thank you for your support and let’s vote Charlestin for change.

Danielle Colin Charlestin

District 1, Troy, NY

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